by A.M. Pleasure Assassins

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some of our first songs. a slew of friends featured here too!


released December 30, 2011

premeditated songs squished and squashed, PURE PLEASURE is what resulted.



all rights reserved


A.M. Pleasure Assassins Fort Collins, Colorado

seek truth...

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Track Name: Graceless
Chocked full of grit
truly graceless
you forget what happens first
Track Name: Heart Of Cold
royalty be drunkened the king slept late again grinning toothache milk mustache makes me wanna go downtown tonight i could start a fight tonight lumpy sock-foot, saggy sag-hole makes me wanna
Track Name: Ginger Minutes
Smile like a knife the sharpest ones are crooked live to see your teeth to good use these days come and go and we all come and go the ginger minutes we goosestep past days skirting by some lost egg to jewel away from shock to startle in patience it'll be ok so i fell in love with the daughter of the skyline like light bulbs have sworn i couldve sworn it off before its not too late by my sight so young and so divine bad terror in your eyes i wish that it were mine salt and season your friends to taste a wrinkled ego and a bandaid we've all been ushered through the automatic trap door till the dawn breaks free of slavery to orbit in time of earths accord no sale no deal no luck no heat
Track Name: Finite
i talk the pleasing prompt you drop the substitute my my staring down the barrel staring down the sun mine eyes finite
Track Name: Sergeant Jenkins
Track Name: Of The
i beg the question what is evil, will it walk tonight? will it take my life? you see it in our eyes oh what a bastard. you couldn't run from me any faster leading the army of the goddamned