by A.M. Pleasure Assassins

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released August 5, 2015

Mixed and mastered by Kris Smith at Haus Of Kraus
Engineered by Jared
Bass - Alex Bailey
Drums/Percussion - Mitchell Keller
Vocals/Guitars - Jared Meyer




A.M. Pleasure Assassins Fort Collins, Colorado

seek truth...

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Track Name: O Doleful Souls!
Good morning Wednesday!
Tuesday's greed and resentment-
you know they never meant it.
I know it gets you down.
Who wouldn't hate the pain?
Let that shit drift away.
A pretty girl who don't believe
most the things she sees.
She looks into the light-
says it's fine,
but tonight she's mine.
Who wouldn't hate the pain?
Let that shit drift away.
And it's hardly noon again.
Too soon for too true.
Because you've been your own lonely captor,
and the tune always changes just when you feel it.
and the words in my mind are not you favorite lines I know.
Then there's always the part when I wonder
if you'd rather go.
Let the sunrise follow you home.
Track Name: Goodnight
Solar-bleached wisdom
from starring at the sun.
We thought that she was god.
We thought she held the gun.
Met with expectations,
that death begets the same.
she never bent the light out
so we never said her name.
When eyes expire the scenes mean something else, so much else and
the kings and queens of beautiful things -
still there, always there.
Though with your eyes rolled back it looks like your trying to say goodnight.
Track Name: Bullshit
I couldn't wait to find my head today.
But I could've faked a margin there,
just stared into the dustbin instead.
"dont trace the lines of the truly thundery harkened ashes"
-but that seems like bullshit, and this is not what I seek.
Two dollars coming at you.
With your heightened sense of senses.
Seems like bullshit, and this is not what I seek.
Track Name: The Kid
Never seen till now
such a pensive group of clowns
the moths don't need
to wake up early
grasping at pins and shards of glass
drives too loud with the radio up too fast
never can tell
if the kid's doing well.
Track Name: You Got It
hanging in the air the ash just spoils every breath
I won't remember, I can't forget.
you've been declined, and now reposed you crack at every single edge.
hanging in the air the dirt is ever-present
now it clings to our skin, soap and water can't un-live
some don't got it - you got it
although every passing star looks so near from far
it's never made a difference, never made a lick of sense
you would be so kind to help me lose my mind.
years dissolve the memories
you cant hold on to every.